to the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise! We're here for those millions of Americans who believe that our freedoms do not come from the generosity of the government.

The Center was founded on July 4, 1976, the bicentennial of the American Revolution. We are here to continue that Revolution of liberty, free enterprise and individual initiative.

Statement of Purpose

The Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, a non-profit, non-partisan, tax-exempt foundation that accepts no government grants, was established:

The Center was founded by a group of distinguished businessmen, educators, legislators and students, who were deeply concerned about the rollback of 200 years of individual rights and the multitude of restrictions being imposed on America's free enterprise system by big government--and the lack of understanding of this problem by the American people.

The Center's founders believed that a tax-exempt educational foundation was urgently needed to underwrite educational projects oriented to the average American. The Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise was established so that Americans who understand and value the free enterprise system could contribute to the defense and promotion of the economic system that made America a prosperous nation.

In just a few short years, The Center rapidly grew to become one of the most effective--and most respected--organizations working to restore free enterprise to America. Today, The Center has a widely recognized leadership which develops unique programs to take the message of free enterprise to the average American.

The Center has pioneered new methods of informing the public of the importance of free enterprise. The Center's work is highly acclaimed by business, grass roots and legislative leaders for its outstanding quality and enormous impact.

The Center does not talk to itself. Instead The Center concentrates on the citizen who is not aware that the free enterprise system built America and allowed her citizens to prosper as no nation's had.

The Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise has carefully developed a wide array of effective programs designed to reach out and touch each American with the message, "Free enterprise built this country...let's keep building."


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