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[Landon Carter to John Boughton]

[n.d. (1772)]

John Boughton
    According to your appointment my boat now carries over to Pages Quarter for my people under your care five cotton suits to be made up with thread ready for making them Linnen for a shirt or shift a piece and a pair of shoes for each and for my sons people. I suppose the same altho' perhaps he may have orderd two shirts and shifts a piece for his people for he differs from me he loves to encourage people for doing nothing when for my part I think they ought to be severely punished and if the proof of any pudding lies in the eating of it Mr. Boughton must acknowledge their produce in two years is no proof that they have done well. One year at seating may produce nothing but to get next akin to nothing in the second year is really very bad. However I acknowledge it has certainly been proportionally bad with John Boughton but as he is but a single man he may not possibly feel it so much as one with a large family who has had all the expences of seating fallen upon his and his sons shoulders and I believe no masters of 10 or 12 slaves can bear such an expence without an equivolent from their labour and this besides their levies every year nothing of which comes out of your pocket Mr. Boughton. But now I am told the land will not bring Tobo. A pretty tale for my son to swallow who at sometimes thinks himself a great Planter but to me I assure you one of the greatest jokes in the world for I will venture to assert that no man upon earth can produce me one hill of earth leavel enough to put a little manure into in which if it is not a mere sand beach I cannot make fine Tobo. I have been forty seven years proving this single truth against every body that asserts to the contrary. It is true that different soils may produce better flavourd Tobo. one than another and it is also sometimes said that soils produce thicker Tobo. some than others but my firend this lies principally in the management and a good Overseer like a good Physician should consult the constitution as well as the disease of the Patient he works

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