[Charles Carter to Landon Carter]
Corotoman April 24th 1770
My dear Sir,
    I am greatly obliged for your kind invitation to Hill, but as he is now much better than he was the last week, I flatter myself there will be no occasion to send him abroad before [missing] holidays, however should the unfortunate [missing] disappointed, you may expect to see him [at?] Sabine Hall very soon, for I assure Sir, there is no body I would more willingly intrust him [to?] than yourself.---
    I rejoice to hear your neighbours alarms of the Jail fever were groundless a bare suspicion of that terrible disorder is enough to make a whole County tremble.---
    Poor Doctor Fauntleroy I am sorry for his Father & Friends, he always appear'd to me a discreet young man during his residence among you.
    Was ever man so plagued with Runaways as I am from Totuskey, Do pray have them outlawed for me & act as if they were your own Slaves, they have long imposed on me I really believe---I intend to Williamsburg tomorrow and shall call on you in my way to Fauquier.---
I am Dear Colo.
Yr. affectservt
Chas. Carter

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