Landon Carter Jr. to Landon Carter Sr.
[Pittsylvania] Jany. 1. 1763 [1764]
Dear Sir
You will receive your man Jammy by my Overseer Joseph Florance who has my Orders to take great care of him that he does not get away I shou'd have sent him three weeks ago to you but the weather with us has been too bad for any one to travel in so hope you'll not be offended as I cou'd have no view in doing as I have.
I shou'd be obliged to you for a supply of coffee by my Overseer as you live where its plenty also some Garden seeds if any to spare.
I don't know but I may carry half of my tobo. this year to Falmouth if so shou'd take it as a great favour if you'd order your Overseer at Park to let my horses have corn and Fodder as the distance is too far to carry a sufficient quantity of Provision for their Journey the Corn I will pay you ten shillings a Barrell for.
My little Babies have been all very ill tho I thank God are now tolerable well I am obliged to practice on them myself and have as yet been successfull but God knows how much longer I am to be so as my Love to them increases more and more which makes me apprehensive that I may one day or other do them an injury I am
Dr Sr
Your afft & dutifull Son
Landon Carter jr
We wish you a happy new year--

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