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John Carter to Landon Carter

Shirley, July 11, 1739
Dear Brother
      Your messenger William Garland is in great haste, which occasions my sending off the Negroes today, tho' the Weather doth not seem to be well settled for such a long Journey. I expect a Ship in a few days from the Gold Coast, and if you think proper to take any of the Slaves, the Choice must be made by yourself, few persons agreeing in Opinion; and to tell you the truth I do not like the Choice I made for you so well as when I took them from the Ship about a week ago. I have charged Billy Garlands man to you at the price of your own Twenty pounds Sterl- the young woman at £19 Sterl- and the Girl £15 Sterl. the same I have charged to others. I can only say I have done the best I can for you, and if you dislike the Choices, or the price, provided they receive no Injury by Traveling, you may send them by Short Journeyes to Totuskey [?], from thence to Merateis, & so down to Corotoman. But Billy Garland is to keep the man he chose for himself, who is not by a good deal so tall as your man. I much fear we shall lose the race tomorrow, your Horse

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