The Poor Unhappy

Transported Felon's

Sorrowful Account.


His fourteen Years Trans-

portation at Virginia in America.


By James Revel, the unhappy Sufferer.


How his Father having only this one Son, made
him his Darling, and when he was old enough
put him Apprentice to a Tin-man, near Moor-
fields, where he got into bad Company. How,
he ran away from his Master, and went a rob-
bing with a Gang of Thieves. How his Master
got him back again, but he would not be kept
from his wicked Companions, but went thiev-
ing with them again. How he was transported
for Fourteen Years. With an account of the
way the Transports work, and the Punishment
they receive for committing any Fault.

Concluding with a word of Advice to all young Men.

London, Printed and Sold in Stone-
cutter-Street, Fleet-Market.

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