A Proclamation.

Whereas We are Credibly informed that One Negro Man slave Named Tom belonging to Thomas Patteson of the said County, Planter, after the Murdering of Glin re viea Fitzgarrald [sic] the Ninth day of this present Month at Night, Runnaway and took with him his said Masters Arms & ammunition, and is now lying Out hid, lurking, and doing Mischief within this County:
 Therefore, in his Majesty’s Name, We hereby require the said slave forthwith to surrender himself, Or to return home to his said Master: And We also require the sheriff of the County aforesaid to make diligent search, and to apprehend the said slave and carry before some Magistrate of this County to be examined touching the said Murder and Felony: And the said sheriff is hereby empowered to raise and take with him such power of this County as he shall think fit and Necessary for the effectual apprehending the said Outlying Slave: And we further declare if the said Slave shall not surrender himself or return immediately after due Publication of these presents, That then any Person whatsoever may lawfully kill and distroy him without being liable to any Penalty for so doing. And hereof all persons are required to take due notice.
 Given under Our Hands & Seals this 18th Day of May, 1773.
 God save the King
       John Nicholas (L.S.)
       Chas. May (Seal).
[On other side of sheet]
Buckingham co. to wit
 I do hereby certify that the within proclamation was publish’d at the several churches in this county according to law—given under my hand this eleventh day of April 1774.
       Wm. Peasely, Rector
        of Tillotson Parish.

[Tom was outlawed after an inquiry into the death of Fitzgarrald.]

Buckingham County,

    I do hereby Certify that on the 10th day of May last I was called upon to take an Inquest on the Body of a woman of the name of ............................ Fitchgarrald whereupon I isued a warrant to the Constable of the County aforesaid to sum'n Twenty four freeholders, & on their appearing at Thos. Patteson's in the County aforesaid a Jury was charged & on the examination of Severall Witnesses Touching the said Murder'd [sic] it appeared to the said Jury that the said Fitchgarrald came by her death by Receiving a Mortal wound from the hands of Tom a Negro Man slave the property of the said Thos. Patteson & that the said Negro Tom was then fled for it. Certify'd from under my hand this 14th day of April 1774.
Chas. Patteson, Coroner.

[After Tom was found dead, the county court valued him at eighty-five pounds.]

The Publick to Thomas Patteson Dr.

    To the within negro who was outlawed & found dead (adjudged by the Jury that he was the cause of his own death).

[The above documents were forwarded to the House of Burgesses where Patterson petitioned for compensation.]

To the Hon’e Mr. Speaker & Gent’n of the House of Burgesses.

 the petition of Thomas Patterson of Buckingham County,
 Humbly sheweth, that on the 18th day of May 1773, he had a Negro man Slave named Tom outlawed agreable to Law and due Publication made of the same and after which he the said Negro Fellow was found Shott as supposed by himself to prevent being taken, he having before his running away Committed a Murder on a white Woman upon whis he absconded carring [sic] with him two of your Petitioners Guns. Your Petitioner therefore Prays such relief as you in your Wisdom shall think just and shall ever pray &c.
 Thos. Patterson’s Petition ref’d to Claims, May 12th, 1774. reasonable. report specially. reported 13th May, ’74.

from "Miscellaneous Colonial Documents," in Virginia Magazine of History and Biography vol. XVIII (1910), pp. 279-281.

see also petitions in the Journals of the House of Burgesses

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