ProjectReal & Ideal Culture
Your Mission, should you decide to accept it:
Answer the questions found below as a group
Hand in one answer with everyone's name
- First & last & in alphabetical order by last name
- Include only members who are present
Indicate the date:  ________________________ 
Indicate the name of the class:     _____________
Indicate the name of the Project:  ____________
Be thorough; write good answers
Use your time wisely. 
Be finished by the end of the allotted time
Name of the Project: Real & Ideal Culture

Examine as many of the Core American Values as possible 

Determine which conflict & how

Determine ideal & real aspects

Consider present and past aspects

Core American Values: general consensus 
( may conflict )
Ideal culture: accepted in principle Real culture: actually practiced
1. freedom 

2. democracy

3. individualism 

4. responsibility 

5. religion/morality 

6. science/tech 

7. opportunity

8. competition

9. work ethic

10.  humanitarianism

11.  practicality

12.  nationalism

13.  romance

14.  sexuality


The End