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Pictures at Dinner, 2004


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Welcome to the On-Line version of the Poor Farm Gazette.  This web site will be used primarily to promote the goals of the Poor Farm Society by increasing communication among its members.  It is definitely a work- in-progress, and  suggestions  for improvement are encouraged.

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Fall, 2004
Annual Harvest Dinner
7:00 p.m.
Thursday, November 4, 2004
Slemp Student Center
Click here for pictures taken during Dinner, 2004
Special thanks to James and Ginger Senter and to Mike and Judy Abbott!!
They have provided dozens of pictures that will be added as time permits.The pictures will also be added to the new ScrapBook of the Poor Farm Society
We know you'll be pleased to know that a small group visited Billye and Buck Henson a few days after our Harvest Dinner, and   presented him with the T-Shirt that had been autographed by many Poor Farmers.  We had a really good time.   The two of them also attended a gathering of the Twinleaf Society, hosted by Chancellor Ern and Petie. 

Crockett Hall, as it was in 1982, the year of the birth of the Poor Farm Society.

      Professor Edward L. (Buck) Henson,
   Founding Father of the Poor Farm Society.  

Part of the group that met for the
Annual Poor Farm Harvest Dinner
November 4, 2004

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    Poor Farm Board of Managers.  2001 - 2003
         Wayne Edwards, President
         Ginger Senter,  Vice President
         Rex Baird, Treasurer
         Sharon Daniels, Secretary
         Bob Colyer, Sr.
         Louella Greear
         Ron Heise
         Edward L. Henson, ex officio
         Lewey Lee
         Preston Mitchell