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My working title is Network Systems Engineer Sr. with an official classification of Information Technology Specialist III.

The primary duties of my position currently include:

Network Administration
Design, develop, maintain, and enhance the campus data network consisting of 3,000+ nodes and 50+ network switches.

Systems Administration
Configure and manage multiple windows-based and linux-based servers.

Email Postmaster and Listserv Administration
Configure and manage the email, mailing list, and spam firewall systems for the College.

DNS/DHCP Administration
Configure and manage the DNS and DHCP services for the "" domain and the campus network.

Hardware/Software Research and Evaluation
Research and evaluate hardware/software and assist with technical purchases to effectively meet computer/network needs of the College.


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 Bachelor of Science
 Business and Public
 w/ Minor in
 Computer Science

 Juniper Networks Certified
 Internet Associate - ER

 CompTIA Security+
 CompTIA Network+

 Cisco Certified
 Network Associate

 TCP/IP Network
 Analyst Certification