Success in Hill Country 
(Napoleon Hill Foundation, 2012)

This book is based on a collection of interviews with some of the region’s most successful people from NASCAR President Michael Helton to acclaimed author Lee Smith. The book chronicles their inspiring journeys to success, as well as the personal and cultural values that each person credits for driving them to their achievements. Though they come from very different walks of life they all have in common the belief, as taught by southwest Virginia native and global bestselling motivational writer Napoleon Hill, that success is not about wealth but the power of the mind.

Talking Appalachian 
(University Press of Kentucky: Fall, 2012)

Tradition, community, and pride are fundamental aspects of the history of Appalachia, and the language of the region is a living testament to its rich heritage. Despite unflattering stereotypes and cultural discrimination associated with their style of speech, Appalachians have organized to preserve regional dialects—complex forms of English peppered with words, phrases, and pronunciations unique to the area and its people. Talking Appalachian examines these distinctive speech varieties and emphasizes their role in expressing local history and promoting a shared identity. Beginning with a historical and geographical overview of the region that analyzes the origins of its dialects, editors Amy D. Clark and Nancy M. Hayward explore a variety of subjects, including southern Appalachian English speakers in professional and corporate positions, as well as provide excerpts from essays, poetry, short fiction, and novels to illustrate usage. (Use code FTA 3 for a 30% discount when ordering from the University Press of Kentucky.)